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Media Links

Podcast appearances (Nikon Z Creator Profile) (Nikon Article) (Interview about the release of my book) (Acclaim article about my book) (Broadsheet about my Rise tour) (Scenestr article) (The Music feature on Rise)

(Moshcam photographer of the year 2016)

(Announcement of National Live music Photographer of the year 2019) (Pixy artist profile) (link to 2020 award nomination) (Article about the release of Her Sound documentary) - Industry Award short list for impact for my project Her Sound Her Story

(My project feature at Queenslade Music Awards)  (Guest Speak feature Big Sound 2019)  (Live National feature article)  (Junkee Music Feature) (Rolling Stone feature on my exhibition in 2018) (Music Network feature on my Masterclass) (Music Feeds article on my Masterclass)

(Podcast with FloInsder) (Rolling stone India Press image for Parvyn)

Sony Music lead image for Ruel 

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